Monday, June 23, 2008

Jupiter Trine Uranus !... just a reminder, folks

This was on my birth date and hour, according to my chart. I am just posting it so that I can access the text wherever I may be, nothing to it, just my thing.

(I do want that, within the near future, I will start posting more interesting things about cooking and as well about my life experiences as a cook and as a human being, but for now, I take a break.)

Jupiter Trine Uranus

Being receptive to future possibilities is the most important way in which your true future will manifest. Ideas and concepts abound in your mind, and these must be acted on, in order for them to become real. Of course, you don't always have to bring your concepts into manifestation, but you are possessed of talents in the realm of future vision which are unusual and need to be used. Taking your abilities for granted is one way that you avoid having to push yourself into higher development. Whether you are able to make anything out of your ideas will depend on your level of motivation. If you are lazy and like things the way they are, then you are more likely to use your mental constructions as ways of moving through the day without having to confront reality. But if you really see the wisdom of your mental wandering, you will realize that you must make them into some tangible expression, probably creatively, in order for them to live in the way that they were meant to. Your talents are meant to be used creatively. The flow of ideas is the creative muse in action. To waste what is divinely given is not only unethical, it is allowing the mundane to overpower the spiritual in a way which your own conscience tells you is not right. Use your power and enliven the world in which you live.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

There are no coincidences, only hard facts

True... who have imagined, when I created this blog's name, more than a year ago, that King Food would be what I would be doing now in my last Job?

That's right, my last boss was the King's Chef, in Belgium of course, Portugal is a Republic.

And more, much more, now I realize...

This is why I claim that there are no coincidences, just signs confirming your path. You just have to feel when you are going the right way. Sense and be true, to you and others. This is all you need to move forward. Let go and believe. Never be afraid.

Try it yourself... Let me know...

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