Sunday, August 26, 2007

No news and lots of work

This August was awesome in working hours ! But thats life, 'cause later in the season it will be calmer and now it's time to boogie and make money.
I am just saying that I had not much time to write here so often and in September will write more and some new and crazy recipes with eggs and other stuff.

See ya all !

'Como uma força !' Our August needs a lot of 'Força' !

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Some comments !

That's what I like:
(...) The breakfasts were superb, but the evening meals were outstanding. I believe a sign of a good restaurant is not having any salt or pepper condiments on the table, as there is no need because the food is already perfectly seasoned.(...)
A guest's comment posted on the internet.

Scramble eggs with something special

Try this:
As you start making the scrambled eggs, add a pinch of Fenugreek leaves. Towards the end, just before the eggs start to coagulate all together, add some finely chopped chive.
It will taste a bit like curry, because curry uses Fenugreek seeds, and the taste is similar, but not the same as the leaves.
You may use dried leaves.
Tell me if you liked it...

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