Saturday, January 12, 2008

Life's like that !

Hey !

How are you all? good? Hope so...
We are getting ready for this weeks event in Vila Joya and the stress level is peaking up.
What will I learn from these Chefs? Are they any good out of their kitchens? I'm sure that the answer is yes.
Believe me when I say that my best meals were taken at my grandmothers tables both in Lisbon and in Herdade da Pacheca. Even a piece of bread and a bowl of warm soup of those days would fill me and my soul better and more than any food prepared by Bocuse or Meneau, with all dew respect, off course.
That's why food is not only food, you know? Food is all that has to do with it. We are not filling up the tank with the best Gasoline available ! We are not machines, taste machines... We are humans with taste, eyes, feelings and memories and at the very end: stomachs !

I would save, or steal 1 million Euros, if I knew that I could buy another of those moments with my grannies or my mom. And the only stars would be on the corner of my eyes.

Know what I mean...?

So, call your mom or granny and ask her to cook something for you as soon as possible and live and remember those moments for ever.
Then tell me about it.

Good food is in your brain as well, as everything.

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